Venice A true Italian jewel, Venice is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, at 20 million tourists each year!! Ser in a picturesque lagoon connected by walkways, over 400 bridges, and over 117 splendid canals. Due to the fact that Venice was able to remain independent for over 1000 years, the […]


Vatican Get ready for your complete tour of everything the Vatican has to offer! Our private guide gets you into the Vatican Museums ahead of the line, so no waiting to see some of the most beautiful western art in the world! We will give you an in depth look at the world famous Pinacoteca […]


Rome Rome, the eternal city, attracts up to 10 million tourists each year! And it’s no wonder, with over 280 fountains, over 900 churches, and one of the most loved cuisines and wines in the world, the Italian capital has something for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re interested in the religious or historical roots, or […]


Milan The second largest Italian city to Rome, with the 5th largest cathedral in the world, Milan has put itself on the map and marked its spot in history. Napoleon planted himself here, established the Kingdom of Italy and even crowned himself King right here in Milan. Leonardo da Vinci spent some time living here, […]


Florence Surrounded by farms, vineyards, villas and orchards, Florence sits as the capital city of Tuscany right in the heart of Italy. Once called the “Athens of the Middle Ages”, Florence was the birthplace of Renaissance and existed as the center of medieval trade and finance. In modern day, however, Florence is one of the […]


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