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Capitoline Museum Small Group Tour

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3 hours

Tour Type

Walking Tour

Group Size

Max 15

Meeting Point

Piazza del Campidoglio

Semi-Private Excursion: Immersive Experience at the Capitoline Museums of Rome

In the eternal city of Rome, nestled atop the ancient Capitoline Hill, lies a treasure trove of artistic wonders, known as the Capitoline Museum. Step into a realm where time stands still, and the echoes of history resonate through the hallowed halls.

As you enter this cultural sanctuary, you are greeted by a majestic array of sculptures, each one a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of the ancient world. From the iconic sculpture of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, to the regal equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, every piece exudes a sense of grandeur and majesty.

But it is not only the ancient world that captivates within these walls. The museum embraces the ever-evolving nature of art, showcasing masterpieces from the Renaissance and beyond. Admire the brushstrokes of Caravaggio, the timeless grace of Bernini’s sculptures, and the visionary genius of Michelangelo’s designs.

Prepare to be enthralled, inspired, and forever changed by the magic that awaits within these sacred walls.

Children under 7 years of age – Free

 Palazzo dei Conservatori
Palazzo dei Conservatori

Enter the realm of myth and legend as you encounter the magnificent Palazzo dei Conservatori. Behold the legendary Capitoline Wolf, a symbol of Rome's founding myth, radiating a sense of maternal protection and strength. Marvel at the noble equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, a testament to imperial power and wisdom. Let the ethereal beauty of the Dying Gaul stir your emotions, capturing the raw essence of sacrifice and honor.

Palazzo Nuovo
Palazzo Nuovo

Palazzo Nuovo, full of classic beauty, allows you to stand in awe before the graceful curves of the Discobolus, frozen in a moment of sublime athleticism. Witness the timeless allure of the Venus Capitolina, an embodiment of love and desire and delve into the depths of Roman history as you gaze upon the noble visages of emperors immortalized in marble, their features revealing the complexities of power and leadership.


Descend into the ancient depths of the Tabularium, an underground archive steeped in the echoes of time. Traverse the vaulted corridors and marvel at the grand arches, as if transported to the heart of ancient Rome. From this vantage point, behold the sprawling Roman Forum, once a bustling center of political and social life, now an archaeological wonder, its ruins echoing with tales of a glorious past.

Hall of the Emperors
Hall of the Emperors

Enter the opulent Hall of the Emperors and encounter the faces of power that shaped an empire. Stand face-to-face with the stern countenance of Republican leaders, their gaze revealing the weight of responsibility. Journey through the ages and witness the transformation of portraiture, from the realistic depictions of early emperors to the idealized beauty of the imperial era, each statue an embodiment of Rome's shifting ideals and aspirations.

Tour Highlights

  • Local insights and hidden gems: Expert guidance to discover the museum's authentic and lesser-known treasures..
  • Personalized & Efficient: Dedicated, experienced and qualified guides to answer questions.
  • Full Assistance & Skip the lines: Priority access so you can focus on your preferred exhibits, saving valuable time.

  • Customized tour tailored to your preferences.
  • Headsets available.
  • Skip-the-line tickets for a hassle-free experience.
  • Engaging, well-groomed guides to enhance your tour.
  • The option for the guide to meet you at your hotel upon request.
  • Transportation costs to and from the tour's meeting point.
  • Water or lunch during the tour.
  • Tips or gratuity for the guide.

This tour is also available as

3 hours


Tour's Location

Where does the tour start and end?
  • The tour commences at the foot of the Marcus Aurelius statue in Piazza del Campidoglio or in your Hotel on request.
  • It concludes at the exit of the museum.
How many people can join this tour?
  • The tour requires a minimum of 2 people per booking to be conducted.
  • The tour/activity is designed to accommodate a maximum of 15 people.
How do I get to the meeting point?
  • Tram number 8 and numerous buses arrive at Piazza Venezia
  • Alternatively, you can take a taxi or walk if you're staying nearby.
What should I wear?
  • Comfortable shoes, such as sneakers with cushioned insoles, are highly recommended for walking.
  • There is no set dress code for visiting the museums but we recommend smart casual clothing.
  • In the summer months, it can be hot and sunny, so lightweight, breathable clothes, a hat, and sunscreen are recommended.
  • In the cooler months, dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures.
What should I bring?
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen and a hat (in sunny weather)
  • A light jacket or layers (in cooler months)
  • A small backpack or bag to carry your belongings
  • Your camera or smartphone for taking photos
  • Cash or credit card for souvenirs, or food
What is not allowed?
    • Large bags, backpacks, and suitcases
    • Drones or selfie sticks
  • Animals (except for service animals)
  • Smoking
Is the tour physically demanding?
  • This tour involves a fair amount of walking, some stairs, and uneven terrain. Visitors with mobility issues may find the tour challenging.
  • There are no accessible routes available for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.
  • We recommend you book one month in advance especially during peak season.
  • Mobile Phones: Keep your mobile phone on silent mode or turn it off during your visit to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
Know before you go
  • There is no storage facility for large bags or luggage.
  • The sites may be closed or partially closed due to special events, maintenance, or restoration work, so it's a good idea to check with us in advance.
What is the cancellation policy?
  • For a full refund, tours must be cancelled at least 96 hours prior to the scheduled start time.
  • If a tour is cancelled between 72 and 24 hours before the tour, only the balance amount will be refunded, and the ticket fee will be retained.
  • No refund will be issued for tours cancelled within 24 hours or less of the scheduled start time.
from €110,00

Please book the tour a month in advance

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